What is NORTON 360?

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Norton 360 is one among the unique and comprehensive computer security software package from Symantec that can safeguard your device from any kind of spyware and virus attack. Other than providing basic virus related protection to your PCs and other devices, Norton 360 stands tall in terms of embedding your computer firewall to protect your data from computer hackers.


Features  of Norton 360

The latest version of Norton 360 has numerous features incorporated to help and protect the devices of a consumer, increase their online privacy and even let them hide their identity at places. Following are some of the notable features of Norton 360 that you can get out of using them in the first place.

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Multi-Device Protection

Norton 360 provides valid protection to all your devices, starting from a personal computer, Macs, iOS and for Android running devices as well. The total number of devices that can be protected by Norton 360 depends upon the version that you own or about to download now.

Secure Cloud Backup

Cloud storage became popular after people started understanding the convenience and comfort in storing and downloading their data for a minimal cost. Such cloud-stored data can be safely backed up to your personal computer through Norton 360 software. Even if your cloud storage account has got disabled or lost your data for no reason at all, you still have a backup that can be vitally utilized to get back your data in no time.

Password Manager

Password manager feature in Norton 360 allows the users to sync with their passwords over multiple devices and access them at their expediency. This feature definitely saves your time as you just need to verify the device at first to let the password manager remember your identity forever, without bugging to enter down the password every other time.

Secure VPN

No-log VPN is the new go and with Norton 360, you can enjoy using VPN across macOS, Windows, iOS and Android devices. Such a secured VPN comes with the existing subscription packages, and you can easily opt to choose one, rather than separately subscribing for the VPN services.

PC Webcam protection

People used to tape up their laptop webcam to restrict any third party or hackers from operating the cam without their knowledge. With Norton 360 installed to your laptop, there is no need to close up your webcam, as the program itself will alert if at all an app or a third party is trying to make use of your webcam. You get the privilege to immediately block such access as Norton 360 is known for sending out instant notifications regarding the same.

Instant cache cleaner

Other than protecting your system from harmful virus attacks, Norton 360 does clean up the junk files that are said to be taking up the storage space and resulting in poor performance of your computer. The cache cleaner can instantly clear up the junk and other kinds of unwanted files to bring back a smooth and optimized running performance for your device.

Considering all these unique features added to Norton 360 software package, downloading and subscribing to the yearly subscription schemes shall never let you and your computer down at any cost.


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