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Norton is a well-recognized antivirus software provider known for constantly updating their security strategies to get rid of malware and viruses from attacking your device through any possible loopholes.

Although Norton was originally was invented to detect and eliminate any kind of offline Trojan, virus and malware threat from a computer or laptop, today, they have created multiple software sources that can provide complete protection to your device irrespective of the way you use them.

Their web security features are top-notch in the market and shall warn you even before visiting a harmful link or website in the first hand. By properly utilizing the latest technologies and tools that are created by their technical team to eradicate harmful attacks from entering your device, Norton stands out tall when compared with their competitors.

Key features behind setting up a Norton account

  • Other than protecting your device from any unrecognized cyber-attack, Norton does play a vital role in safeguarding your data, manage your network security, email related protection and much more.
  • All the data that you are about to back up and save through Norton software shall be confidentially present in a private server where no hackers or anyone can never access them at any situation.

Norton account setup and software download process

You need to set up and sign in to a Norton account to download and utilize various Norton products.

Follow below-mentioned steps to download Norton software to your computer.

  1. Open a web browser and visit

    Norton setup
  2. Click upon the ‘Sign In’ button from the top right corner to login using your existing Norton account
  3. Enter your email address along with the password to sign in to your Norton account
  4. If you do not have a Norton account, click upon the ‘Create an account’ button and mention every other detail under the prescribed boxes and submit the same to create a new account
  5. If you are a new user, you will be provided with a free trial period to check out the unique features of various Norton antivirus software
  6. From the available trial packs, you get the privilege to choose one by clicking the ‘Free Trial’ button
  7. In the next page, click upon the ‘Download’ button to download the trial version of the Norton product that you have previously chosen
  8. Select the local drive to download the Norton installation file
  9. You can even opt to choose a subscription by skipping the trial version and it all matters by your decision
    norton removal tool

The Norton subscription services are distinguished under various packs that have numerous features in them. Based upon your need, you can choose premium services that can protect your computer for a period of one year or more.

Activating a Norton Product

In order to activate your recently bought Norton subscription, you must have purchased the Norton product through the official online web portal of Norton or as a Norton software CD from a reliable offline source. To instantly activate the Norton product, you need to enter down the product key that can be found by signing in to your Norton account or by checking your email account, which you have used to buy the Norton product online. Norton products that were bought from the offline sources have the product key mentioned on the back part of the CD.


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