Procedure to Fix the Error 30483 in Norton Antivirus

The most common issue faced by the norton antivirus software users after downloading and installation from is the 30483 error that can be a hurdle if you are not able to fix them in the first place. There are multiple fixes that you can try one by one to permanently solve this particular error from bugging your personal computer. Keep reading to know the different troubleshooting ways that shall definitely help you in one way or other.

The primary cause behind ‘Error 30483’

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The primary cause behind ‘Error 30483’ appearing on your computer is either because of a corrupted installation file or an incomplete installation process that you have earlier done without actually following the real Norton setup guide.

Basic symptoms of ‘Error 30483’

  • The active Norton antivirus window gets closed or crashes showcasing the Error 30483
  • While opening up the Norton program, the entire computer gets crashed with the same error popping up
  • Operating system facing a sluggish performance related issues along with a delayed response while moving your mouse pointer on the screen or operating the program through the keyboard
  • The personal computer shall freeze up for a minute or so after opening up the Norton Antivirus program.

Ways to fix Error 30483


1.Running a complete malware scan in your personal computer

Malware that is widely spread through the internet holds the potential to delete or damage the system files that can cause such runtime related errors. If you are not said to be protecting your internet connection, then such hazardous malware shall get downloaded without showcasing any kind of download information to your personal computer. A complete malware scan made on your PC shall get rid of them and eventually let you access the Norton Antivirus software without facing any kind of errors.

2.Permanently cleaning the temporary and other junk files from your personal computer

By browsing through the web on a daily basis, multiple junk files get accumulated and saved on your PC for no reason at all. Such junk files must be cleaned periodically to let your PC run smooth and to stay away from bugs that can cause such 30483 error while opening up a Norton Antivirus software.

3.Updating the device drivers in your personal computer

The Error 30483 might happen if you are at present using corrupted or outdated drivers in your PC. It is really important to have a check with the drivers every other week or so to avoid them from getting corrupted. Simply update your drivers to the latest available version to get rid of the Error 30483.

4.Deleting other security-related software from your personal computer

Beforehand installing Norton products to your PC, you must make use of Norton Removal Tool to completely uninstall any kind of security-related software that was previously installed and utilized to protect your computer. Other security software programs are certainly designed to delete Norton related installation files that might result in Error 30483 appearing at various circumstances.


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