How to Block Norton Antivirus Pop-Ups?

Norton Antivirus is a well-recognized and trusted antivirus program that millions of people have been utilizing every other day to provide utmost security to their PC’s privacy and data. Norton holds many different convenient features and tools that made the PC users get rid of the bugs and viruses effectively even before they try to enter into the system in one way or other. However, Norton Antivirus has certain features like pop-ups that can be annoying, especially when you are on a busy day and trying to get your work done through a computer system. Blocking or disabling such Norton Antivirus pop-ups is quite possible and the proper ways to do so are presented below as well.

Turning off Norton notifications to block Norton Antivirus pop-ups

  1. Open up Norton Antivirus program that has been previously installed and activated in your computer
  2. From the loaded homepage window of Norton Antivirus program, click upon the ‘Settings’ button that can be found on the top right-hand corner
  3. Under the ‘Settings’ menu, make a click upon the ‘Administrative Settings’
  4. Uncheck ‘Norton Task Notification’ by making a click upon the turn off button
  5. Make sure a red indication appears after selecting the turn off button
  6. After verifying them, select the ‘Apply’ button to change the notification settings
  7. Click upon the ‘Close’ button to get back to the homepage window

You have now successfully disabled notification and pop-ups from Norton Antivirus program that has been disturbing you randomly in recent times.

Blocking Norton Antivirus Internet Pop-ups

Other than sending out random pop-ups through the desktop installed program, Norton does periodically let the users know about various offers and discounts as pop-ups while trying to browse the internet through a web browser. Such frustrating internet pop-ups can be blocked by tweaking an important setting under your system’s Control Panel:

  1. Click upon the ‘Home’ button key from your keyboard
  2. Select ‘Control Panel’ to enter into administrative settings that has the power to disable Norton pop-ups
  3. From the loaded Control Panel window, make a click upon ‘Internet Options’
    norton setup
  4. A new window shall open up
    norton product key
  5. Select the ‘Privacy’ tab from the newly opened window
    norton removal tool
  6. Make sure the ‘Turn on Pop-up Blocker’ box is ticked upon
  7. To block any kind of browser related pop-ups along with Norton, click upon the ‘Settings’ button that can be found nearby the ‘Pop-up Blocker’ option
  8. From the ‘Blocking level’ drop-down list, select ‘High’ option that has the power to block any kind of pop-ups
  9. Close the window and then click upon the ‘OK’ button to confirm your actions.

By following these steps, you have permanently blocked any kind of Norton antivirus internet related pop-ups from bugging you any part of the day.

By following any one of the above-mentioned methods you can definitely stop Norton Antivirus pop-ups, yet, if you are finding it difficult to follow any given step, feel free to get in touch with the Norton support executives who are available all through the day to clear up your queries. The support executives can quickly resolve your queries by listening to your queries in the first hand.


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