How Norton Helps To Evade Online Scams

Internet scams are initiated by cyber criminals who are said to commit fraud by stealing a user’s privacy and data through various methodologies. There are many different ways an online scam can take place, irrespective of the internet enabled device that you are handling at the moment. Whenever your device gets connected to the internet, you are about to face an online scam in one way or other.

Avoid online scams by activating your Norton product

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If you have a Norton product installed on your device, it will be of no use, especially if you are yet to activate the product to unleash the program to its fullest possible potential. During such circumstances, you are about to welcome in every other internet risk to your device. The hackers can easily send viruses, bugs, and malware to your computer or mobile phone either through a popup message, email message or as an unknown file type that shall automatically download to your local drive.

Right after completing the Norton setup process, make sure to activate your profile and other types of data protection that shall completely stop any kind of malicious actions from happening in the near future.

Frequent updates from Norton for every other product

The best thing about Norton products is the frequent updates that are timely sent to all the Norton product users to update their virus definitions. By regularly updating the Norton product, you can protect your device from any new online threat that has been making rounds in recent times.

Two major types of online scams and Norton’s methodology to eradicate them

  1. Phishing Scam:
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Phishing is a popular online scam method through which internet burglars send out phishing emails through messages, emails and as social posts. Such emails do have a certain link or a call to action button that can definitely trick you in believing them as an authentic source in the first hand and then eventually let you follow the link. After clicking upon such links, the scammer will get complete access to your social profile, email and even to your device files and start taking out your data one by one.

Install and make use of Norton Internet Security program to instantly scan and report every other email, if at all it is recognized to be a phishing one. Also by scanning your emails, you can swiftly make a decision to click upon the attached link or not.

  1. Social Media Scams:

At present, people coming all over the world make use of many different social media platforms for both personal and business purposes. Social media is the best way to reach the masses, and the scammers have already started sending out malware in the form of messages. If you receive a link from an unknown source stating that you have won money or a gift is waiting for you, then you need to delete the message immediately and report the same to avoid the online scammer from getting into your profile.

Wisely use Norton product to scan such links and to report them at the earliest before a data breach happens to your personal profile

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