Dealing with Error 8504104 While Installing Norton Antivirus

‘Error 8504104’ shall be chaos especially when you are trying to install Norton Antivirus to your computer or laptop. There are multiple possibilities behind this particular error happening in the first place. Keep reading to learn the two basic methods to instantly fix this error and to make use of Norton Antivirus software to its fullest potential as well.

Symptoms of ‘Error 8504104’

  • ‘Error 8504104’ shall appear randomly on your active Norton product installation window and crashes them for no reason at all
  • Your personal computer shall face various glitches whenever ‘error 8504104’ tends to make an appearance while trying to Install Norton Antivirus
  • Windows shall respond slow to every keyboard input or while moving the mouse pointer on the screen whenever Norton Antivirus installation is said to be opened
  • The computer completely freezes out for few seconds after ‘error 8504104’ gets showcased while running the Norton Antivirus installation file.

There are higher chances for this particular error to happen when any other security-related product is said to be installed to your computer system.

Ways to Fix Error 8504104


1.Wisely remove other security-related tools and software using Norton Removal Tool

Even if you have been using an older version of a Norton product, it is highly recommended to uninstall them beforehand trying to install the new or upgraded version.

  1. Download ‘Norton Removal tool’ to any of your computer local drive that has ample space available in them
  2. After downloading the tool, open them up by making a double click on the downloaded file
  3. Read through the license agreement and then click upon the ‘Agree’ button
  4. From the next window, click upon the ‘Advanced Options’ button
  5. Now make a click upon ‘Remove only’ button
  6. Select all the security-related software and tools that are already installed to your computer to remove them
  7. After selecting them, click upon the ‘Remove’ button
  8. To successfully complete the uninstall process; make sure to choose ‘Restart Now’ option from the last window.

Once the computer restarts automatically, try re-installing the Norton product and the ‘error 8504104’ shall never be a hurdle anymore.

2.Updating your Video Graphics Driver

  1. Press ‘Windows’ key along with letter ‘R’ from your keyboard to open up the ‘Run’ dialog box
  2. Type ‘devmgmt.msc’ into the dialog box and then press the ‘Enter’ button from your keyboard
  3. From the loaded ‘Device Manager’ window, make a double click upon ‘Display Adapters’
  4. In the next window, right-click upon your HD graphics card and then select ‘Properties’ from the drop-list menu
  5. From the ‘Drive’ tab, check if the graphics card is updated to the latest version
  6. If at all a new version is available, update your driver to the same.

Once the update finishes off, restart the computer and check if the ‘error 8504104’ has been resolved or not.

Either one of the above-mentioned solutions must be able to resolve ‘error 8504104’ while installing Norton Antivirus software to your computer or laptop. If at all the problem still exists, then you need to contact the support team who are widely available 24/7 to clear your queries at ease.


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